Miric Biotech Introduction

Miric Biotech one of the Largest producer of Ayurvedic pharmaceutical in consistence with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)- Product scope of 350, for different illnesses.

It is in view of the conviction that wellbeing and health rely on upon a sensitive harmony between the psyche, body, and soul. The essential center of Ayurvedic pharmaceutical is to advance great wellbeing.

Fabricating FACILITY:

Miric biotech is a regarded pharmaceutical, biotech and ayurvedic assembling association arranged in India. Our work has been seen exhaustive and we have a long haul contract assembling of pharma items with diverse helpful foundations. Our gathering of authorities has grabbed savvy learning and is constantly overhauled with the data of contemporary medicinal science.



Innovative work (R & D) Center of Miric Biotech is decently prepared and is occupied with different exploration exercises crossing all the ranges of Ayurvedic examination.

Miric Biotech utilizes Ayurveda to augment current bioscience. Interestingly, Ayurveda needs research intended to test and approve its major ideas and in addition its medications.

The R & D division is without further ado occupied with medication research, clinical examination, pharmaceutical exploration, examine in agro-methods and crucial examination. It additionally has figured, attempted and dispatched different new plans which are being made and advertised by Miric Biotech.


More than 2000 families find their system always clearly due to the association. It is joined with the distinctive handshake magnanimous exercises in bringing succor to the weaker region of the overall population.

Aside from over our business would grasp obligation regarding the effect of their exercises on the earth, purchasers, representatives, groups, partners and all different individuals from general society circle. Moreover, organization would proactively advance the general population enthusiasm by reassuring group development and advancement, and intentionally dispensing with practices that damage people in general circle, paying little heed to lawfulness. Basically, consideration of open enthusiasm into choice making, and the regarding of a triple primary concern: People, Planet, Profit.

The organization has amplified assistance towards social & group advancement in the groups found near to its operations furthermore giving help to enhance their personal satisfaction.


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